What are disbursements?

Nick Singer

27 June 2018

What are "disbursements"?

This is money that the solicitor has to pay to third parties to help prepare the employment tribunal case. For example, fees for medical or other expert reports.

Disbursements can frequently become a major cost in any case, particularly when a case requires reports from experts to establish evidence, disability cases are a good example. Where a claimant has to establish their disability. This can often be an important hurdle to get over in discrimination cases.

Your solicitor will always notify you before they incur significant disbursement costs.

This is the question I put to employment law barrister Nick Singer

Video Transcript

Hello, my name's Mark Ferron MD of Castle Associates if you like to understand what are disbursement fees then watch this short video and barrister Nick Singer will explain.

Disbursements are monies paid out by a legal party to various other parties so a disbursement could be a barristers fee, it could be a court fee, it could be money paid to a medical expert for doing a medical report, they're basically payments out that build-up during a case

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