What is the difference between a barrister and a QC?

Nick Singer

16 January 2018

What is a Barrister?

A Barrister generally provides specialist legal advice and advocacy for individual and organisations in Courts and tribunals and through written legal advice.

What does a Barrister do?

In general, Barristers in England & Wales are hired by Solicitors or individuals directly through what is called ‘direct access’ to represent them Court and tribunal. The role of a Barrister is to "translate and structure their client's view of events into legal arguments and to make persuasive representations which obtain the best possible result for their client."

Barristers usually specialise in particular areas of law such as criminal law, chancery law (estates and trusts), commercial law, entertainment law, sports law and common law; which includes family law and divorce, housing and personal injury law.

Expert employment barrister Nick Singer explains in this video the difference between a barrister and a QC?

Hi there, if you like to know what a barrister is and what QC is then stay tuned and watch this short video and expert barrister Nick Singer will explain.

A barrister as discussed previously is an advocate so it's a formal legal position which is recognized by various regulations. It’s a specific position but really a barrister is someone who goes to court or tribunal and argues their client’s case, sometimes writes court documents and but mainly an advocate.

A QC is a very senior barrister, it means Queen's Counsel and it's something you have to apply for so once you get a bit more senior, once you've had a large number of cases, you've ended up being in the court of appeal so then you apply to a committee and the committee decide that you become a Queen's Counsel but it's basically a sort of mark quality only the very very best barristers will become a QC.

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