What is the role of an advocate at an employment tribunal?

Nick Singer

09 January 2018

Employment tribunals are an independent body/tribunal which makes decisions in legal disputes between employers and employees on the issues of employment law.

They make judgements about employment disputes which include cases around unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, whistle-blowing and so on. There are so many other sorts of claims that can be brought at an employment tribunal.

An employment law advocate represents their clients at employment tribunals, whether acting for the employer or employee and they can assist with many issues, such as:

• Drafting ET1’s and ET3
• Preliminary Hearings
• Full Hearings
• Cost hearings
• Remedy hearings etc.

Expert employment barrister Nick Singer explains about the role of an advocate at an employment tribunal?

“Hello my name's Mark Ferron and if you like to understand what the role of a barrister is at an employment tribunal, then watch this short video an employment expert barrister Nick singer will explain.

At Tribunal an advocate’s role is to essentially, present the case, so as a barrister what I'll end up having is. I'll be giving a big bundle a load of witness statements and I prepare the case and my job is to test the evidence, cross-examine witnesses and try and put across my clients version of events and hopefully persuade the judge of the right answer which is my client’s case.

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