When can you be Made Redundant; Understanding Redundancy with James Johnson

James Johnson

05 January 2017

Expert employment solicitor James Johnson answers questions and explains the redundancy process, part 1.

Questions addressed include:

  • What is a redundancy?
  • When can you be made redundant?
  • What is the redundancy consultation process?
  • How long can it last?

What is a redundancy?

Redundancy is where an employer has a diminished need for employees carry out work particular kind at the place in which the employees employed.

When can you be made redundant?

Generally, redundancy situation will arise in circumstances where there may be a restructure of the business or the employer may have lost a major contract, had a reduction down in profits or generally where there's a requirement to reduce down over heads. The question always is whether the employer can genuinely show there's a need to make redundancies in order to save costs there is a diminished need for employee’s to carry out that particular type of work.

What is the redundancy consultation process?

An individual consultation process involves the employer and the employee discuss in all aspects of the redundancy under consideration, so that can include the method to be applied by the employer to select will be at risk of redundancy. It can also include any alternatives to the redundancy decision and also the payments which may be made on termination employment if the redundancies confirmed.

How long can the redundancy consultation process last?

Normally, an individual consultation process will take place over a period of two to three weeks with maybe three to four meetings.


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