When you are on maternity leave, do you get full pay?

Hetal Gir

13 August 2019

Maternity pay - what you are you entitled to

Providing you meet all the criteria’s below is your entitlement:

• statutory maternity pay: the standard type of maternity pay

• contractual maternity pay:

• Maternity Allowance:
These payments would be as well as any maternity leave you get.

It’s also worth seeing what other help and benefits you're entitled to - such as Child Tax Credit, Healthy Start vouchers and a Sure Start grant. You can claim some benefits before you give birth, so it’s worth checking as soon as you can.

Video transcript

When you are on maternity leave, do you get full pay? Expert solicitor Hetal Gir will explain.

So you may get full pay whilst you are on maternity leave depending on what your employer provides in your contract of employment and staff handbook, possible. A lot of employers do provide full pay for a certain number of weeks or months whilst employees on maternity leave.

However, for maternity, it is statutory maternity pay that they get and that equates to 90 percent of your average earnings for the first 6 weeks of your maternity leave. Followed by 90 percent of your average earnings or the rate that the government sets each year and the lower of the two for the remaining 33 weeks. So you’ll get SMP for a total of 39 weeks if you are entitled to it.

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