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10 reasons why it is important to have trade union (TU) representation during a disciplinary, grievance and/or redundancy meeting.

Published 18 January 2014

Dealing with disciplinary, grievance and/or redundancy meeting and situations can be an emotionally draining experience. When facing the stress of such situations; the pressure can easily get to a person which can negatively impact their ability to effectively communicate and present their case. In such cases it is beneficial to have an independent Trade Union rep by your side and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. The Trade Union Rep can ask questions of the employer about the investigations, the evidence and the procedure throughout the process.
  2. They can collect vital evidence during the internal meetings.
  3. They can ask the employer to justify the reasons for their actions to date and test whether they have an honest and reasonable case.
  4. The TU rep can ensure that the employer considers everything that is relevant and not just what they want to consider.
  5. They can question any witness that may be called.
  6. The TU rep can work in conjunction with a solicitor to present an effective case on behalf of the individual.
  7. They can put a stop irrelevant questioning of the individual; especially if it is conducted as a fishing exercise.
  8. The TU rep can help to make sure that the individual does not say anything that could be prejudicial to the case.
  9. They become an independent witness to the process and can provide valuable feedback.
  10. A TU representative can help insure that an individual has a good case by making sure they are placed in the best possible position.

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