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Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am




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Castle Tribunal Roundup April

Published 07 April 2015

Our roundup of the employment tribunal cases making headway in the news. This month; religious beliefs come head to head with secular principles, social media continues to prove a contentious issue between employers and employees, age discrimination at its worse, a stark warning to companies to reconsider their approach to mental health issues, the pitfalls of unconscious bias and what constitutes racism and finally the continuation of institutional racism in our service sector.

Christian who told colleague God doesn't condone homosexuality claims unfair dismissal

A Christian children's worker is facing an employment tribunal and claiming unfair dismissal after she was allegedly fired for telling a lesbian colleague that God did not approve of homosexual practice. Sarah Mbuyi's case is the first to use a declaration by the Council of Europe in favour of religious rights to support it. Read more

Unfair dismissal over social media “selfie” wearing Osama Bin Laden mask

A DAIRY worker sacked after he put on a rubber Osama bin Laden facemask at work and took a ‘selfie’ was unfairly dismissed, a tribunal has ruled. Robert Mazur put the ‘selfie’ image on his Facebook profile – but it also partly showed the logo of his employers. The lab technician spent his working days testing samples of milk, water and chemicals in a sealed room at the dairy plant in Crediton, Devon. The Exeter tribunal unanimously ruled that Mr Mazur had contributed to his sacking by his “foolish” actions. Read more

Dow Jones worker 'made to dress as Santa' wins unfair dismissal case

A middle-aged accountant who said he was forced to dress up as Father Christmas and branded an "old buffer" has won his claim for unfair dismissal. Dow Jones accounts manager James McClellan told an employment tribunal he was sidelined and forced out of his payroll job at the publishing giant Read More

Firms urged to tackle mental health discrimination after worker receives almost £40,000 payout

A worker at Scotland's national tourism board has been awarded almost £40,000 by an employment tribunal after she was sacked following a period of sick leave for depression. Heather Aitken, a former team leader at a VisitScotland information centre in Edinburgh, was told by her bosses that she would only be allowed to return to work in a demoted position on a lower salary. The tourism body decided she was unable to continue in her former role due to her mental health problems, however they received no medical advice confirming this. The tribunal found VisitScotland discriminated against Ms Aitken, of Edinburgh, because of her disability and awarded her a total of £37,325. Read More

£38,000 tribunal win for Sky staff member accused of being racist

A Sky worker has been awarded almost £40,000 by a Dundee employment tribunal after bosses at a call centre wrongly sacked him in a racism row. Steven Ritchie, of Dunfermline, was sacked by Sky Subscriber Services in October 2013 after he told the daughter of a female Vietnamese customer he would have expected the account holder to have learned to speak enough English to supply a security password over the phone. Read More

Tribunal finds Greater Manchester Police victimised black police officer, leading to fresh claims of “institutional racism”

Greater Manchester Police discriminated against and victimised a black police officer by failing to investigate his complaints of racism, an employment tribunal has ruled. Detective Constable Paul Bailey complained that he had been racially discriminated against when he was summarily ordered to return from a secondment at the North West Regional Crime Unit. Read more

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