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Taking a common sense approach to weather disruptions.

Published 02 February 2015

With temperatures set to plummet there is every chance some working relationships may turn a bit frosty.

Battling the elements just to turn up for work can be an enormous struggle during the winter months.

Adverse weather conditions can lead to widespread travel disruption, injuries from slips and trips and school closures forcing employees to take time off to care for young children.

Although this type of trouble is not exactly unexpected, many employees fear repercussions for failing to turn up due to the weather.

However, employers should avoid getting caught cold by having clear policies in place to deal with issues such as getting to work in extreme weather conditions.

Employees are not automatically entitled to pay if they cannot arrive for work because of the weather, so a having a clear policy spelling out what is expected in such circumstances is advisable.

All employees have a duty of care to employees which does not essentially include travel to and from work, but a common sense approach to such issues is encouraged.

Winter also sees an increase in colds and flu and staff calling in sick and it is essential to ensure in such circumstances everyone is aware any notification of absence needs to be received as quickly as possible.

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