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Workplace mediation: A better solution to resolving disputes?

Published 26 January 2015

The suggestion to talk about it following a bust-up or falling out in the workplace is starting to sound more and more like a good one.

The negative impact and ramifications of a dispute can prove damaging for employers and employees.

Situations can quickly spiral out of hand, it can result in disciplinary action and dismissal of employees and productivity can also be seriously hit.

Mediation is a real solution to prevent long-term problems and it is proving effective at nipping contentious matters in the bud.

It is completely voluntary and a confidential form of alternative dispute resolution and involves an independent, impartial person helping two or more individuals or groups reach a solution that's acceptable to everyone.

The reasons for the disagreement can be discussed directly with either an individual involved, or all parties together.

However, it does not come with a guarantee and there is no obvious assurance that mediation will resolve all workplace conflicts.

Acas provide a mediation service and it has revealed that agreement has been reached in 80 per cent of the interventions it has undertaken.

The conciliation service provides mediation training to equip managers and HR advisors with the required skills to deal with issues.

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