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Case Studies

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Wrongly accused of a crime and facing disciplinary action at work.

Published 02 May 2017

After a shop worker was cleared of theft by police the last thing she expected was for her employer to continue to pursue the matter.

Castle Associates representatives are experts in helping employees facing disciplinary action linked to criminal allegations. Dismissal is not always inevitable when an employee is suspected or questioned in relation to a criminal act.

Judith was with a male colleague when he took two discarded designer ornaments, worth more than £50, out of a rubbish bin at the back of a neighbouring retailer at a Birmingham shopping complex. This was captured on CCTV.

He caught the bus with Judith and later admitted he accidently left one of the ornaments behind when he got off at his stop. Judith brought it to work in a bag the following day in order to give it to her colleague.

Upon arriving at work Judith was confronted by security and informed she had been caught on camera stealing from another retailer.

Shocked Judith explained what happened and produced the ornament from the bag to show that she had brought it in for her workmate.

She was suspended immediately, reported to the police and later questioned and cleared of theft by officers.

Judith’s employers took disciplinary action against her. She attended a disciplinary hearing without being accompanied and was dismissed. Her male colleague, who admitted he took the ornaments from the rubbish bin, was also dismissed.

Distraught Judith contacted Castle Associates for help with her appeal. At the appeal hearing our representative was able to use the CCTV footage, witness statements and highlight significant flaws in the investigation to help prove her innocence.

Judith’s appeal was successful and her desired outcome was to return to work, which she did. A couple of months later she telephoned our representative to thank him again when she was promoted to shop manager

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