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Robert Rocker

RSR Law Solicitors

Robert Rocker is an experienced Solicitor with over 30 years’ experience in the legal profession. He has worked in-house for ICI plc, London Transport and British Rail but also has extensive experience in private practice, having worked for national trade union firms Russell Jones and Walker and Pattinson and Brewer, as well as national insurance firm Berrymans Lace Mawer.

RSR Law Solicitors was established by Robert Rocker and is a trusted law firm dealing with litigation matters including employment law and are an industry leader in the Contesting of Wills. Robert's particular areas of expertise are in Litigation including Occupational Disease Claims, Employment Law and Contesting Wills.

What is a disability?

04 April 2018
The definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010

Is depression classed as a disability?

27 March 2018
When does a mental health condition become a disability?

Is it easy to prove a disability in the workplace?

06 March 2018
What is the definition of disability?

How would an employee pursue a wrongful dismissal claim?

13 February 2018
How to claim wrongful dismissal: County Court or Employment Tribunal?

Do you have to declare your disability to your employer?

10 February 2018
Disability discrimination: Do employees have to tell their employers they have a disability?

How to avoid a wrongful dismissal claim?

24 January 2018
Wrongful Dismissal should not be confused with Unfair Dismissal, as wrongful Dismissal is based on contract law and the employee’s contract of employment. Any claim for Wrongful Dismissal will, therefore, mean looking at the employee's employment contract to see if the employer has broken the contract.

Wrongful dismissal, what are the rules?

09 January 2018
What are the rules for wrongful dismissal?

Wrongfully dismissed during probation, what can you claim?

09 January 2018
How much can someone claim for wrongful dismissal?

How to defend a wrongful dismissal claim?

09 January 2018
Wrongful dismissal is when a contract of employment is unlawfully terminated by the employer and in these cases, fairness is not an issue. The only question is whether the terms of the contract, express or implied, have been breached by the employer.

What are the time limits for wrongful dismissal?

20 December 2017
A claim for wrongful dismissal may be brought in the County or High Court or in the Employment Tribunals.

What is Wrongful dismissal?

20 November 2017
Wrongful dismissal is essentially a breach of contract claim against your employer.