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Castle Weekly News Round Up 10.2

Published 18 October 2015

Every week we find the best Employment, HR and Tribunal news that are making headlines in the UK.

Some-other-substantial-reason dismissal when client refused to have employee on site was fair

Unfair dismissal tribunal case Masini v Compass Group UK & Ireland Ltd illustrates a model response from an employer faced with the situation where a client refuses to have an employee back on its site. A catering contractor provided a manager for a cafe in a business park. Following a fall in profits, the client insisted on a change of management.

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No racial discrimination complaints against Met police upheld

Metropolitan police officers faced more than 240 complaints of racial discrimination over a year but none of these was ultimately upheld, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. A freedom of information disclosure shows that it was concluded there was no “case to answer” in any of the complaints submitted – a figure that the chair of the body representing black police officers said was implausible.

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Work-Life Balance: Your Right to Love Your Life

"Excuse me" I said to the guard inside the courthouse behind the counter, are there any resting rooms inside this courthouse? I'm on jury duty and am feeling a bit tired, is there any place during lunch hour where I could lie down? He looked at me and said "restrooms, sure they are over there " and pointed towards the stairs behind me. I said, oh no I don't mean restrooms, I meant "resting rooms" as I put my hands under my cheek and leaned to the side, making my point of wanting to get a quick shut eye experience.

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A reputation built on success

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