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Failure to conduct Risk Assessment for Breastfeeding Mother

Published 10 November 2017

The Claimant was a nurse working in a hospital's accident and emergency unit. She claimed sex discrimination as her employer's risk assessment for her as a breastfeeding worker had concluded, without a substantiated explanation, that her work was 'risk-free', so her request for an adjustment in her working pattern on account of breastfeeding was declined. She alleged that the risk. Read more Daniel Barnett.

Employment Tribunal can hear discrimination complaints by a doctor against the GMC.

Dr Michalak was found to have been unfairly dismissed by the NHS Trust that had employed her. Prior to that determination, the Trust referred her to the GMC, which began fitness to practice proceedings. In a separate employment tribunal claim, Dr Michalak complained that the GMC had discriminated against her. Read more Daniel Barnett.

ACAS Early Conciliation

Does the rule requiring a separate early conciliation form for each respondent to a claim mean that the early conciliation certificate is invalid if has been issued notwithstanding a breach of that rule? Read more Daniel Barnett

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