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News 1 - 11 May 2022

Published 13 May 2022

Hello and welcome to this week’s news.

As we roll into May the charade continues.  We start with an article from TUC who alleges that three quarters of the UK population believe the government isn’t doing enough to address the ‘cost of living crisis.’(1)   We have an article looking at the effects of Royal Decree-Law 32/2021 on collective bargaining.(2) 

 We have two more articles from the TUC which look at changes to the rail industry,(3)   and then their impact, alleging 670,000 workers face the loss of their jobs.(4)   BrewDog has announced its intentions to hand shares to their employees in a dazzling gesture.(5)    

 Let’s take a look at the latest caselaw.  An employer who used ‘focus’ in their selection criteria was found guilty of discriminating against a mother of four.(6)   When is voluntary redundancy actually unfair dismissal?  With this case apparently.(7)   A claim for sexual discrimination success after a female worker is referred to as a ‘good girl.’(8)  Agency worker regulations do not automatically mean there is a right to apply for internal vacancies.(9)   

So we move onto the best of the rest.  We start with an update on gender pay gap reporting.(10)  There has been a steep rise in Employment Tribunals claims on the basis of neuro-diversity discrimination.(11)  The government has opened its consultation on mental health and wellbeing.(12)   We have an article looking at who is entitled to the additional holiday for the Queens Platinum Jubilee.(13)    We have an excellent article looking at ‘Constructive Unfair Dismissal’ the last straw doctrine.(14)    It’s hardly a shock story, but it turns out twice as many men as women have share options at work.(15)   Post Office workers went on strike on 03/05/22 after they were offered a pay rise significantly below the cost of living rise.(16)    Shift patterns, childcare and indirect discrimination.(17)      

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