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News 10 - 17 February 2022

Published 18 February 2022

Hello and welcome to this week’s news.


Our first story this week looks at the impact of the four day working week on child maintenance payments.(1)   Next we take a look at existing ‘whistleblowing’ legislation in the UK.(2)   Next, we look at the changes to existing ‘self-isolation’ law and how ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ people feel left out.(3)   In the case of Smith v Pimlico Plumbers Ltd the Court of Appeal has ruled that a worker wrongly identified as self-employed is entitled to their entire back pay of annual leave over their 5 years of employment.(4)   Sticking with caselaw, the High Court has ruled in favour of USDAW to prevent Tesco implementing ‘fire & re-hire’ policies.(5)   


We finish this week with the usual spread of articles from the TUC.  The first is a call for more publicly funded buses as private companies struggle to provide services.(6)   The second article looks at data collected by the TUC which shows that a majority of workers believe in the transition to a greener economy, though only 25% believe that the moves will generate jobs in their local area.(7)   The final article looks at the potential overhaul of workers rights in the post Brexit economy.(8) 

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