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News 11 - 16 June 2022

Published 17 June 2022

Hello and welcome to this week’s news.

Our first story looks at continuing regional wealth disparities despite home working.(1)Care workers in Bristol are set to strike over ‘cruel’ hire-and-re-hire policies.(2) The TUC responds to the government’s threats to lift the ban on agency workers during strikes.(3)There has been a noticeable increase in ‘worklessness’ amongst 18-24 year olds.(4) In a second article from the TUC, highlights the need for negotiation to resolve strikes rather than rely on the time honoured Conservative tradition of using ‘strike breakers’.(5)

We have a report from the legal sector highlighting the negative impact of workplace toxicity.(6) The UK is amongst the worst in Europe for employee engagement.(7)The cost of living pinch has seen real wages drop by 2.2%.(8)The NHS faces challenges to eradicate modern slavery following the royal assent of the  Health and Care Act 2022.(9)

 Finally, after a wait of two years, the first COVID related unfair dismissal claims are hitting the courts.  The EAT confirmed the original tribunal decision in the case of Rodgers-v-Leeds-Laser-Cutting-Ltd-2022-EAT-69 that the claimant was unfairly dismissed for not going to work out of a fear of COVID.(10) 

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