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News 13 - 19 August 2021

Published 20 August 2021

Here’s this weeks news.

We start with the Health & Care Bill which finally comes into effect and heralds a vast array of service re-configuration, we a look at the most important issues.(1)  The government has finally published its Disability Strategy and we take a cursory look at its proposals.(2)  Next we move on to the recent EAT case of Aleem v E-Act Academy Trust Ltd 2021 and examine its implications on existing caselaw relating to pay protection as reasonable adjustment.(3)  Then there is an examination of the recent ASDA disability discrimination case and the widespread issue of the abuse faced by disabled people in the workplace.(4)  

Throughout the COVID pandemic we have encountered an anecdotal wave of complaints about employers taking a very dispassionate approach to compassionate leave, we look at what the law says.(5)  We also take a look at complex set of issues facing dependants of Health & Care workers.(6)  

Finally this week we have two articles from the TUC worthy of note. The first looks at the BME community which has suffered three times more unemployment than the white working community.(7)  The second article is critical of the Chancellor’s decision to suppress the pay of key workers by failing to match the rate of inflation.(8)  It seems as if in the eyes of the government, they’ve lost their ‘key’ status.

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