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News 23 July - 6 August 2021

Published 06 August 2021

News 23 July - 6 August 2021


Here is the news.


After the intense buzz of the last edition, we settle this week into an altogether more sedate arrangement.  We start with an article looking at Portsmouth FC’s decision to launch disciplinary action following the European Nations Cup racist abuse scandal.(1)   The TUC highlight that the planned cut of £20 per week in Universal Credit in October will effectively redistribute wealth from the poorest in society and adversely affect millions of families.(2)  Its just a good job this isn’t happening in the worst economic depression in human history because that would be barbaric…oh, wait a second, it is.  Following hot on the heels of its 2019 consultation, the government has finally announced that it will place the duty on employers to investigate workplace sexual harassment.(3)   On the subject of immaculate political timing, Labour’s Angela Rayner has launched the party’s employment rights charter as it asks its staff to consider voluntary redundancy.(4) Rudderly utterless or what?


The HMRC has finally been recognised as ‘pathetic’ after it was revealed they prosecuted just 6 UK employers for failing to pay the national minimum wage.(5)  Perhaps the accusation was a little harsh, after all they only identified 6,500 other employers guilty of the same crime.  It’s enough to make any sane person think that the Revenue placed corporate interests ahead of workers rights.  Here’s an article by the TUC about the evils of umbrella companies.(6)   On an entirely different tangent, here’s an article explaining why those pesky vegans might be exempt from the COVID vaccination, the sneaky lentil braiders.(7) 


The House of Commons Women & Equalities Committee has launched an enquiry into the discrimination faced by women experiencing menopausal symptoms.(8)   We close with a tickle of case law.  The first looks at whether maintaining a higher rate of pay due to disability should be considered a reasonable adjustment.  The EAT said, no!(9)  The second case, again with the EAT is particularly important as it considered whether multiple acts of harassment could produce a constructive dismissal claim for an employee with just four months service.  Thankfully, the EAT said it could.(10)    


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