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News 24 November - 3 December 2020

Published 15 December 2020
We have more updates in this News run about the ongoing COVID juggle.  As always we also have the usual spread of Case Law and other legislative goodies for your delectation.

So let’s start with the government’s arbitrary determination that as of 2 December 2020, the Coronavirus will no longer recognise, ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ people as vulnerable. (1)

The TUC has issued a withering range of articles on issues that should by now have been addressed with legislation.  Firstly, there is the issue of domestic violence. (2) They highlight the need for the Kickstart Scheme to succeed.(3) They look at the increased use of technology in the workplace and highlight the need to ensure that it benefits all workers. (4) They highlight the need for the government to intervene to help the retail sector. (5) Finally, they present a study which asserts that for every £1 spent on Union led training, £13 is returned to the economy. (6)

The Scotsman looks to the 6 most important changes workers face in 2021. (7) We take a look at a couriers perspective of the ‘gig’ economy. (8) Denton’s provide an excellent article on time limits for ‘whistleblowing’. (9)  We also have an article that looks back on the Taylor Review of 2017 into employment practices in the UK.  Although the UK government publicly accepted 51 out of the 53 recommendations made, only 7 have materialised in legislation. (10) We finish with Morton Fraser’s review of Employment Law for December. (11)

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