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News 26 January - 2 February 2021

Published 05 February 2021
As we start a new month we continue to focus on COVID and bring numerous articles which reflect the hope of the recently introduced vaccine.  Welcome to visions of the post-COVID world.

Our first article is from Tech Radar who argue the case for employers assisting remote working employees with their ‘office set-up’.(1)    In the last year, an estimated sixth of all people selected for redundancy were selected for being parents, unfair dismissal claims to the boarding lounge please.(2) Following revelations about employer monitoring of remote working staff, an article by Fox Williams investigates the complexity of this issue.(3)   We have an article covering new legislation which comes into effect in February 2021 and will impact on existing COVID rules.(4)   We have an article which looks specifically at the change in furlough rules to now include parents caring for their children.(5)   Baker Mackenzie takes more detailed look at the mental health implications of COVID.(6)

Morton Fraser take a look at various issues relating specifically to Equality in the workplace including an increase in reports of sexual harassment for women working remotely.(7)   We also have the ‘Workplace support for victims of domestic abuse: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Report:’ (7) The TUC look at the abject lack of protections for millions of workers currently if they lose their jobs, their analysis show approximately 1 in 4 workers (7.5 million) are vulnerable ti unfair dismissal.(8)   In a second report this week, the TUC highlights the financial impact the COVID lockdown has had on the poorest workers in the UK.(9)

Finally we have two cases this week worthy of a few lines.  The first is a case where the EAT has ruled that raising a grievance did not confirm the appellants contract in a Constructive Unfair Dismissal claim.(10)   The second concerns a High Court ruling on the validity of oral contracts.(11) 


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