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News 27 August - 9 September 2021

Published 10 September 2021

Here’s the news for the last two weeks.

The first article this week examines whether there is any future at all for home-working.(1) A second article looks at hybrid working and the moves by government to enshrine this ‘right’ in law.(2) In a similar vein, the TUC looks at whether an employer can force staff back to work.(3)

Shifting gears now we take a look at the #MeToo movement and government commitments four years on.(4)  In a trend which is mirrored across discrimination issues, we have an article which addresses the 50% increase in race discrimination claims in the UK in the last year.(5) The RCN have tasked a QC to investigate endemic discrimination and harassment complaints by their members.(6)  The same issue has led the Musicians Union to call for government assistance.(7)  The Scotsman has an article about an SNP MSP calling for employers to do more to support for menopausal workers.(8)  

There is a move towards increased penalties for Health & Safety breaches in recent months, this article looks at them.(9)  We have case law relating to a part-time workers rights to ‘a break’.(10)  Sainsbury’s shop workers are closer to equal pay.(11) The TUC call for a new deal for Social care,(12) and explains how to fund it.(13)  Lockdowns and Brexit have dented the UK workforce, here’s how.(14)

On the polar opposite to where we started this week, we have an article looking at whether employers can bar unvaccinated staff from returning to work?(15) Finally, we close with an article by the TUC which looks at the massive disparity in wealth between the richest and poorest following the pandemic.(16) It’s almost as if some people got rich off the misery of others, no change there then.

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