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News 3 - 10 June 2022

Published 10 June 2022

Hello and welcome to this week’s news.


We’ll kick of this week with a number of articles from the TUC.  The first article highlights the severity of the governments proposed civil service cuts.(1)The second contrasts this by drawing attention to the savage growth of the city once again, as if that should come as a surprise.(2)The final article highlights the need for employers to conduct individual risk assessments for pregnant mothers.(3)


Moving on, it seems that 93% of people engaged in re-start schemes are still unemployed, almost as if they were a complete waste of time, except to statisticians.(4) As previously reported by us, long-COVID is likely to constitute a disability and phased returns to work are considered useless.(5)  Moving on to a little caselaw, a court has determined that the NHS discriminated against one of its employees who suffered with migraines.(6)Tesco are set to appeal against the ‘fire & re-hire decision they suffered by taking their case to the High Court.  After all when it comes to brutal exploitation, ‘every little helps.’(7) 


We finish this week by looking at one of the great questions of our time, is it legal for your employer to spy on you whilst working from home?(8)

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