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News 3 - 10 June May 2021

Published 11 June 2021

News 3 - 10 June May 2021  

Here is the news. 

We have much to catch up on so let’s get right into it.  Our first story in this edition looks at whether the refusal to attend work due to COVID constitutes ‘automatically unfair dismissal’.(1) We have a cautionary case about a worker with cancer who was sacked on the spot and ultimately awarded £2.5m in compensation.(2)A whistleblowing survey suggests a reduction in the willingness of people to make public interest disclosures.(3)We have an article which calls for the repeal of s.40 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, which enshrines the test of ‘reasonable practicability'.(4)   We also look at the recent Court of Appeal decision relating to re-engagement.(5) 

In the temporary ‘post COVID world’, which is the best country in Europe for a pay rise?  Well, its not the UK.(6)We also look at the legitimacy of a union for foster carers, as if it should even be an issue?(7)The International Law Office runs an article looking at the likelihood of ethnicity legislation in the wake of the ridiculous findings of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report.(8)Morton Fraser look at whether the dream of homeworking will die with the relaxation of COVID restrictions, as the levels of COVID infections and hospitalisations start to soar again.(9)

We have an article looking at the future role of ‘green jobs’ to the economic recovery.(10)We conclude this week with an article looking at a recent case relating to whether a refusal to pay a maternity allowance constitutes sex discrimination.(11)

“A reputation built on success” 

For employment law advice or if you are affected or want information and support by any of the issues in this article please give us a call. 0333 772 0611 

A reputation built on success

For employment law advice or if you are affected or want information and support by any of the issues in this article please give us a call. 

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