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News 8 - 14 February 2019

Published 15 February 2019

This week’s news is characterised by some updates to old stories.  Firstly, we were informed that the increased pressure & pace of modern working has resulted in employers clawing back 5 days a year in untaken lunch breaks.(1)As if not being paid to take a lunch in order to avoid an early afternoon crash in ‘productivity,’ or if you happen to drive for a living ‘reality,’ wasn’t enough; people are now under so much pressure, they don’t bother to take them at all.  Or is that just an extension of ‘presenteeism’? This week Sir Philip Green dropped his High Court Action to prevent the Daily Telegraph reporting on his dirty laundry, and wasn’t it filthy?(2) 

A recent TUC article looking into the impact of zero hours contracts in South Wales has highlighted the issues faced by people whose employment status at times seems to hover in the region between modern slavery and workers being paid the National Minimum Wage.(3)The report paints a worrying picture of the most legally vulnerable workers in society….then there’s modern slavery which  Dr Philippa Webb reported on to the United Nations. (4)The Report highlighted both the frightening tactics of modern slavery practices in the workplace but also the wide ranging nature of these practices.

Interpretations of the minefield that is IR35 taxation (taxation when services are provided via a Private Services Company) have begun to surface. (5) A difficult issue at best has been carefully dissected into digestible portions so that Tax and NI responsibilities are easier to understand.(6) On a final note, just to bring things a little closer home a recent study by UK Powerhouse has outlined the possible impact on the east midlands and it seems we’ll be fine even if there rest of the UK is set to collapse(7) So that’s OK then?

“A reputation built on success”

For free employment law advice or if you are affected or want information and support by any of the issues in this article please give us a call. 0333 772 0611

A reputation built on success

For employment law advice or if you are affected or want information and support by any of the issues in this article please give us a call. 


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