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News - 8-14 July 2022

Published 15 July 2022

Hello and welcome to this week’s news.

What a difference a week makes, and as the caring, sharing face of Conservatism brutally consumes itself, the government has announced that it has no plans to make menopause a protected characteristic.(1)In keeping with the trend towards hybrid working, flexible working spaces are expected to double in the next four years.(2) We have an article looking at whether Scotland can become a fair work nation by 2025.(3)We have an update on attempts to recognise miscarriage as worthy of special leave status.(4)

Next we move to some worthwhile caselaw.  First up is Forstater v CGD Europe & Others a landmark case regarding gender identity.(5)Next we have an EAT decision which effectively reinforces an employees belief in ‘biblical pronouns.’(6)Our penultimate case is related to asserting a statutory right in respect of dependant carers leave. (7)Finally, when is a recognised protected characteristic no longer a protected characteristic?  When it involves breaking the law.(8)   

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