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Do you need a barrister for an employment tribunal?

Nick Singer

22 May 2018

Who can provide representation at an employment tribunal?

You do not need a qualified lawyer or solicitor to represent you at an employment tribunal. There are other individuals such as trade union officials or advice centre workers or specialist advocates can often do good a job. You may also be able to secure representation through an insurance policy (e.g. household, credit card, car or other insurance), if it includes legal expenses insurance as an 'optional add-on'.

Barristers are individuals that specialise in advocacy and can be secured via direct access.

If you do want to use a lawyer, solicitor or barrister, make sure you choose one who has direct experience of employment tribunal representation (as lawyers often specialise in particular areas of the law).

Do you need an advocate at an employment tribunal? Ask the Expert

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark Ferron MD of castle associates and if you're going to attend an employment tribunal, do you need to have an advocate with you? I put that question to our expert barrister Nick Singer and he will explain.

I think it's ideal to have one and we can get quite expensive so there are a lot of litigants in person who go to the tribunal without a representative, but I think it is better to have one hopefully I know the law and will be able to present a case better than someone without those skills but I do appreciate it can be quite expensive

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