How does a barristers chambers work?

Nick Singer

29 May 2018

UK barristers Chambers

The practice of law in the United Kingdom is divided into two distinct main areas between solicitors and barristers. Solicitors have traditionally been the client's first point of contact. They act as the client's representative before the law and conduct litigation on their behalf, undertaking tasks such as gathering evidence through the taking of witness statements, corresponding with the other side's legal representatives and making applications to the court and in effect running and preparing the case for court. Barristers are specialist advocates and advisers. They draft legal pleadings, give expert opinions on the legal aspects of a case, and provide expert advocacy in the courtroom. The majority of barristers are self-employed individuals who band together into individual sets of chambers in order to share the burden of administrative costs. I put the following question to an employment barrister. How does a barrister chambers work?

Ask the Expert Video Transcript

Hi there, if you like to understand how a barrister's chambers work, then watch this short video an employment barrister Nick singer will explain. It’s said, this chambers and most chambers work on a model, you have lots of barristers, I think our chambers has about a hundred. And they're actually all small businesses, we're all self-employed and we're all one man or woman band and what we do is, we pay a percentage of it all of our fees and rent to chambers and in return for that chambers will provide services. We've got clerks who help run our cases, do billing, agree on fees and we've got a chief executive, who drums up business with the clients. The chambers provide a room, they provide a conference room, they provide library books and it's sort of that but as they were all individual businesses at the end of the day. Thanks for watching, I really hoped you enjoyed this video and if you did then please share it or press the like button below and if you have any comments or questions you like us to put to our experts and please leave a comment below, thanks again for watching. 


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