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What is a Silk, in the English legal system?

| by Nick Singer
A Silk or a Queen's Counsel is an eminent lawyer usually a barrister who is appointed by the Queen to be one of "Her Majesty's Counsel learned in t...

Top Tips To Consider When Suspending Employees

| by Mark Ferron
Most employers will have some kind of disciplinary policy and procedure, which will provide and enable for an employee to be suspended on full pay ...

Responding to discrimination questionnaires

| by Stephen Britton
The statutory questionnaire procedure was abolished when the government decided to remove the statutory equality questionnaire process as part of i...

How to avoid a wrongful dismissal claim?

| by Robert Rooker
Wrongful Dismissal should not be confused with Unfair Dismissal, as wrongful Dismissal is based on contract law and the employee’s contract of empl...

Free employment law advice

| by Mark Ferron
Get the dedicated employment law advice and support you need when you need it.

Dismissed whilst on sick leave

| by Sarah Everton
Can you be dismissed while on sick leave?

What is the difference between a barrister and a QC?

| by Nick Singer
What is a Barrister? A Barrister generally provides specialist legal advice and advocacy for individual and organisations in Courts and tribunals ...

Sexual Harassment in the work place

| by Mark Ferron
Sexual harassment at work is one of the most common forms of harassment and is specifically outlawed by the Equality Act 2010. Employment Tribunal ...

Sickness Pay and holiday entitlement

| by Sarah Everton
What happens to my paid holiday entitlement when I am off sick and can the holiday entitlement be claimed back?

What are the signs of age discrimination?

| by Paul Jackson
Expert employment solicitor Paul Jackson explains and answers some questions on age discrimination.

Wrongful dismissal, what are the rules?

| by Robert Rooker
What are the rules for wrongful dismissal?

Wrongfully dismissed during probation, what can you claim?

| by Robert Rooker
How much can someone claim for wrongful dismissal?

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