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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Employment tribunal fees – what next?

Published 21 August 2017
I am sure most people have heard the news about the landmark and significant decision that was handed down last week by the Supreme Court, in the case of R (Unison) v Lord Chancellor (2017)(1)...

When a rubbish case leads to an unfair dismissal

Published 14 August 2017
Being unfairly accused of wrongdoing by your employer is bad enough…being accused of stealing from company rubbish is even worse.Dynamic mechanic Jimmy used to rummage through the scrap bin outside...

Left with the birthday blues and facing the sack

Published 31 July 2017
There is a popular saying that life begins at 40…but for office worker Julie it marked the start of a work-related nightmare.An online message from Julie’s son wishing her happy birthday led to her...

Facing the sack when you have done nothing wrong

Published 17 July 2017
So when Sharon, a GP’s receptionist in Derbyshire, faced an allegation of breaching patient confidentiality, given her role, she believed it was as bad as things could get.She knew the allegations ...

Facing the sack after raising a legitimate complaint

Published 12 June 2017
For an employee found to be responsible for a dereliction of duty the disciplinary outcome can appear inevitable.Such allegations if considered proven will usually result in dismissal.However, our ...

Dismissed with less than 2 years service

Published 05 June 2017
When Billy was dismissed for allegedly muttering an insult about a colleague he did not believe it was worth challenging the decision.The pharmacy assistant had been employed for just 23 months whe...

The trouble with "banter"; when it is considered offensive

Published 22 May 2017
What is classed as banter and what is offensive in the workplace is often debatable as salesman Kevin found out.He was working for a mobile phone retailer in a Derbyshire high street shop when he w...

Wrongly accused of a crime and facing disciplinary action at work.

Published 02 May 2017
After a shop worker was cleared of theft by police the last thing she expected was for her employer to continue to pursue the matter.Castle Associates representatives are experts in helping employe...

When Saying The Wrong Thing Online Leads To Trouble In The Workplace

Published 11 April 2017
Expressing unhappiness on social media is pretty much the norm these days, but when it is considered work related it can cause big trouble for employees.Jason finished work for the day at a London-...

Facing Disciplinary Action after Making a Formal Complaint

Published 03 April 2017
When Ben complained to his manager that he had been beaten up by a senior member of staff the response really did add insult to injury.Ben suffered a cut lip and broken wrist trying to stop his fal...

That sickly feeling when ill health leads to disciplinary allegations.

Published 30 March 2017
It is almost inevitable that if you continue working while emotionally distressed things will eventually go wrong.Social care sector worker Leah suffered with depression and anxiety and was also di...

When an employee is wrongly suspected of serious wrongdoing

Published 22 March 2017
For an innocent employee being wrongly accused of any type of allegation can be a distressing nightmare.Imagine then Fiona’s horror when she was falsely accused by her bosses of being a racist.The ...