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Infograph: Resume Cheat Sheet

Published 03 November 2014
When job hunting giving a good first impression is key to your success in landing your dream job. Your CV/Resume is often the first thing a potential employer has to judge your candidacy. As such, ...

Tribunal Watch

Published 03 November 2014
Our roundup of the employment tribunal cases making headway in the news. Sports Direct forced to advertise zero-hours contract terms. An ex-Sports Direct worker employed on a zero hour’s co...

Legal Corner: Right to Itemised Pay Slip

Published 21 October 2014
Under the Employment Act 1996 all employees have the statutory right to an itemised payslip from the day they start work, whether it is printed and/or provided via electronic means. The pay slip mu...

Legal Corner: Right to written terms of employment.

Published 13 October 2014
All employees have a statutory right to written terms of employment, which must be produced within 2 months of your employment.

Update To UK National Minimum Wage 2014

Published 06 October 2014
The national minimum wage is the minimum wage almost all workers are legally entitled to as set out in the National Minimum Wage Act 1998.As of 1st October 2014 NMW is set at:£6.50 for workers 21 a...

Legal corner: The right to request flexible working (Updated)

Published 08 July 2014
As of the 30th June 2014 all employees have the right to apply for a more flexible working  agreement if they have:worked for their employer for 26 weeks continuously at the date that the appl...

Zero Hours Contracts: DBIS Consultation

Published 08 June 2014
Update on Department for Business Innovation and Skills Consultation.Zero hours contracts have been a hot topic over the last year or so; so much so in fact that in December 2013 the Department for...

Unintentionally biased: the uncomfortable truth

Published 08 June 2014
You’re a progressive person, tolerant and accepting of the many differences which we can celebrate in our society. Like many people in this day and age, you not only believe in and support greater ...

Can an employer discipline or dismiss an employee for capability reasons, while they are off sick?

Published 15 March 2014
Can an employer discipline or dismiss an employee for capability reasons, while they are off sick?It's a common myth that workers can't be sacked while they are off sick!!Being off sick is no prote...

10 tips for avoiding workplace claims

Published 01 March 2014
Workplace disputes, grievances and disciplinaries can be a costly and time consuming affair for businesses; especially if the issue was escalated to an employment tribunal. Here are our top ten tip...

The disadvantage of hindsight: help making decisions when faced with change or uncertainty

Published 28 February 2014
When you're going through change or uncertainty do you find it difficult to trust your decision making? This week our guest blogger, leadership coach Jennifer McCanna, explores how to gain confiden...

Office Politics: Why it's important to keep your cards close to your chest when facing workplace bullying.

Published 04 February 2014
Workplace bullying is an issue that is the bane of many who have to deal with unacceptable levels of harassment in their place of work on a daily basis. This week our guest blogger Eva James; a wri...