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Employment Law Update

Published 20 July 2018
Interim ReliefDoes 'likely' (in the context of the threshold for interim relief under s129(1) ERA 1996) simply mean 'more likely than not'?No, held the EAT in Wollenberg v Global Gaming Ventur...

Legal update

Published 25 May 2018
Timing of Notice of TerminationWhere an employment contract is silent on when notice is deemed to be given, when does notice of termination take effect? Is it (i) when the letter would have been de...

Covert Surveillance in the workplace: does it breach the right to privacy?

Published 19 April 2018
Yes, is the answer, the use of hidden cameras in the workplace did violate the right to privacy of employees who were dismissed for theft as well as the Date Protection laws. This is according to t...

Employment Tribunal Claims are on the increase

Published 16 March 2018
The latest Employment Tribunal Statistics have been published by the Government (1) and they clearly show that they are at the highest level since the introduction of the feeSince the Supreme Court...

Business leaders must do more to tackle sexual harassment within the workplace.

Published 12 January 2018
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (1) (EHRC) have stated that they will take legal action against leading organisations that fail to adequately investigate, identify and address sexual haras...

Race discrimination - Can the single comment in the workplace “go back to Poland” amount to discrimination?

Published 03 January 2018
The answer is yes, and both the Company and responsible Manager were held liable.The recent case at the Employment Tribunal in Liverpool Mr A Nazarczyk v T J Morris Ltd and John Cowley(1) they foun...

Are the numbers of Employment tribunal cases on the increase?

Published 18 December 2017
Answer: yesFollowing the decision of the Supreme Court case of UNISON v Lord Chancellor [2017](1) , where it was decided that the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees were unlawful, employers a...

Can employers include previous incidents in a disciplinary investigation report

Published 15 December 2017
The answer is yes.In the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) case NHS 24 v Pillar(1) , the EAT held that it is not necessarily unfair to include additional information, such as past incide...

Holiday back pay risks to business

Published 04 December 2017
Another case at the Court of Appeal(1) where the individual is not an employee but is deemed to have ‘worker’ and the case was in relation to holiday pay and what could be carried over if the indiv...

What is the Gender Pay Gap and where are we?

Published 01 December 2017
Campaign groups have said it will take 100 years to close the gap in pay and in some parts of the UK, the gender pay gap is so wide, it is as though women work unpaid from September.The Gender pay ...

Height Requirement for Police is Indirectly Discriminatory against Women

Published 24 November 2017
Is the Greek government's regulation imposing the same minimum height requirement to join the police of 170 cm for both men and women unjustifiable indirect discrimination?Yes, is the long and shor...

Failure to conduct Risk Assessment for Breastfeeding Mother

Published 10 November 2017
The Claimant was a nurse working in a hospital's accident and emergency unit. She claimed sex discrimination as her employer's risk assessment for her as a breastfeeding worker had concluded, witho...

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